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Lore of the Land

About the CD-ROM

The five strands of the CD-ROM - Experiences, Indigenous, Culture, Discovery, Land Issues and Understanding - offer five different entry points within which there are multiple pathways to travel.

EXPERIENCES - An investigation into Australia's multicultural society

PhotoExperiences leads the participant through a celebration of the cultural diversity of Australia into a number of video cameos where Australians from different walks of life share their appreciation of the land.

Featuring - 'Celebration' an essay by Arnold Zable - An overview of Australian migration history - Stories of post war migrants - Video interviews with Australians from many different walks of life.


INDIGENOUS CULTURE - An encounter with Australia's first Peoples


Two Aboriginal communities, the Gunditjmara people of south-western Victoria and the people of the Kutjungka region of north-western Australia, share their wisdom and aspects of their traditional culture - music, painting, story, dance and ceremony.

Featuring - Men's and women's paintings, of the Kutjungka region of Northern Australia curated by Rosemary Crumlin - Songwriters of the Gunditjmara region of Southern Victoria including Archie Roach and Richard Frankland - Musical Director Shane Howard of Goanna fame.


DISCOVERY - An exploration of the Australian and virtual landscapes


Discovery is a challenge to travel through landscaped 'worlds' to explore new environments and discover artefacts of significance to Indigenous Australians.

Featuring - indigenous artefacts.


LAND USE - The Social context of our shared history


Beautifully designed maps of the natural features of Australia - vegetation, rainfall, land use and population and patterns of land tenure; and extensive time-line extending back to 60,000 years before the present, and an in-depth summary and analysis of legal judgments and Federal legislation relating to Land issues of the past 30 years - comprise the Land Issues strand.

Featuring - an extensive time-line from 60,000 years up until the present; detailed maps of Australia's physical features including land use overlays - Judgments and Legislation in relation to land claims including Native Title - Mabo - Wik - legal and Political Issues - 10 Point Plan.


UNDERSTANDING - An opportunity for exploring further issues of personal interest


Understanding leads the user into a set of activities which integrate the experiences of the journey and invite the user to make choices to take action, then to share the results in the forums on the web.

Featuring - a 3000 word bibliographical essay with extensive web links - Aboriginal language map of Australia by David R Horton.


From a number of vantage points within each of the five sequences, simply by clicking on the web icon wherever it appears, the user can choose to go out to the Lore of the Land website and beyond to the dozens of related annotated web links. By clicking again the user can return to the CD-ROM at the place where the choice was made to venture outward.


Lore of the Land Lore of the Land

The CD-Rom


Lore of the Land
Lore of the Land Lore of the Land
Lore of the Land Lore of the Land
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