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Amy, Sally, Lou


Amy Saunders, Lou Bennett and Sally Dastey are Tiddas.

Originally combining their vocal talents as backing singers for Aboriginal band Djaambi, lead by Amy's brother Richard Frankland in 1990, these women found themselves invited to perform at a musical celebration for women's artistic achievement -Hot Jam Cooking- at a venue in Richmond, Victoria.

Their performance was received with much appreciation and inspired Ruby Hunter, lifelong partner to Archie Roach, to dub this new trio Tiddas which is Koori English for the word sisters. So Tiddas were born.


After performing together for over a year the band came to the attention of Paul Petran, host of ABC National Radio show Music Deli, who was influential in assisting Tiddas to record their debut EP Inside My Kitchen.

Since that time Tiddas have recorded Sing About Life, a recording that won them an Aria Award in 1993. Tiddas the album was next, recorded in 1996 to critical acclaim, followed by Lethal by the Kilo, recorded in Melbourne's ABC studios in late 1998.

Tiddas recorded their final album at a live performance at the Continental Café on September 11, 1999.


Tiddas have won one ARIA Award, been nominated for two more and have been the recipients of three Deadly Sounds Awards. Their lives inform their music. They sing about their mothers, their family, their country, their identity. They sing of joys and sorrows, they sing about life. The trio unashamedly present snippets of everyday life, the humour, the heartache and the sheer passion. The tales are poetic and striking reminding us to take a closer look at what's around.

Tiddas write and sing music from the heart which celebrates the human voice and the acoustic guitar and they are unafraid to sing with an Australian accent. Their crystalline vocal harmonies are unique on the Australian vocal landscape.


Renowned for their live performance, Tiddas have been a popular choice for acts such as Midnight Oil, Paul Kelly, Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Weddings Parties Anything, Billy Bragg, Suzanne Vega, Van Morrison, Shane Howard, Bob Geldof, Sweet Honey in the Rock and many others on the world stage.

Touring Malaysia, Canada, Europe and America has increased their popularity and demand for their music.

On the home front, Tiddas have contributed much to the development of community music. They have lent their support to a variety of causes by performing at benefit concerts, speaking at youth and women's forums and providing role models to young women.

All three women enjoy flourishing solo careers in music and the media.


Lore of the Land Lore of the Land


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Lore of the Land
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